Seasonal Updates

Extended Hours

We extended our days and hours at our Raymond Diehl location to support the growing urgent care demand in the Tallahassee market. One of our commitments to our patients is to be "Convenient" and when we...




We maintain patient medical records--older paper charts and newer electronic charts--in accordance with statuatory requirements. If a patient needs a copy of their medical record for any reason, the process is as follows:


  • A patient must fill out a Medical Records Release form, which is available here or at any of our centers
  • The form must be brought in by the patient and a photo ID presented. Faxing or mailing of the request is not permitted.
  • If another individual will be picking up the records, that must be indicated on the request form, and they should also be prepared to present a photo ID
  • The request typically takes 3-5 business days to complete, although, if older records (> 3 years) are stored off-site, it can take 10-14 days to retrieve them
  • NOTE: There is a per page charge for medical records given the labor required to retrieve and reproduce the records 

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