Workers’ Comp

Get In • Get Better • Get Back to Work!


You need excellent medical care and clear communication between the company, the worker, and the physician when you have an injured employee.


Patients First built our reputation on understanding the impact an injury has on both the employee and the employer.   We understand the concerns of both parties.  Some might see that as a difficult position, but we see it as a win-win situation, providing the very best of care for the employee and the highest respect and concern for the financial resources of our area businesses.


You Can Count on Patients First for:

  • Excellent care of illness or injury
  • A careful history
  • Determination (is this in fact a work related injury)
  • In-depth examination
  • Ancillary testing only when necessary
  • Comprehensive treatment plan
  • Clear communication to both the employee and the company
  • Appropriate referrals


Urgent Care is never a substitute for Emergency Care.  In the event of a very serious or life-threatening illness or injury, call 911 or visit the nearest ER.