Why Use Urgent Care?

Why Patients First is a Better Choice than the Emergency Room


Get In • Get Better • Get On With Your Life!


  • It’s a Better Value – Studies have shown that even though you receive the same level of quality medical care in an urgent care facility, it will cost you 700% more in the ER!


  • Saves Time – Patients with a life-threatening condition go to the top of the list in the ER. That means when you go to an Emergency Room and your issue isn’t critical, you will be put at the bottom of the list.  Wait times of 3-4 hours before seeing a doctor aren’t uncommon.  Our goal is to get you in, get you better and get you out!


  • Lower Co-payments – Your co-payments should be substantially lower than those payments required for a trip to the Emergency Room.  Most major insurance companies categorize urgent care facilities as primary care facilities.


  • Makes more Sense – Approximately 85% of patients who go to an ER do not have a true medical emergency.  According to the Division of Health Care Statistics, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, only 15 % of patients seen at hospital emergency rooms were truly emergency cases.


  • No Surprises – You receive one bill at Patients First AND we’ll file your insurance claim!  Emergency rooms and hospital-owned urgent care clinics charge both a facility fee and a fee for the physician’s service. Even though you pay much more at the Emergency Room, you have the added confusion of multiple bills and filing insurance on your own.


Choosing Patients First:

  • Reduces strain on the overloaded ER system
  • Reduces patients costs of care
  • Shortens time patients spend in the clinic
  • Provides superb medical treatment in comfortable surroundings


Urgent Care is never a substitute for Emergency Care. In the event of very serious or life-threatening illness or injury,
don’t hesitate to call 911 or go to your nearest hospital emergency room.