Flu Shots

There’s No Reason to Wait – Let Patients First Vaccinate!


The flu is a costly illness for your family or your company.  It means misery, lost days, sick days from work or school, doctor’s visits, meds, and so much more. Save your sick days for vacation! For the sake of your health and the health of those you love – get your Flu Shot today!


At Patients First we make it convenient and affordable for everyone to get vaccinated. The Flu Shot is $39 or even free on many insurance plans. We have extended evening hours and weekend availability. You never need an appointment! Walk in today– we’re here to help protect you this Flu Season.


Patients First also offers Flu Immunization for Corporations


Corporations lose millions each year due to employee illness.  The flu virus thrives in an office environment.  Annual flu vaccines will help prevent influenza in your workplace.


Let Patients First help you avoid:


  • Absenteeism
  • Replacement & overtime costs
  • Lost project time
  • Slow productivity
  • Lost or reduced sales


Take preventative measures to fight the flu. We have several options to optimize your company’s success and performance this flu season.  We offer:


  • Onsite flu service – protect yourself from the flu without leaving work! We’ll come to you
  • Minimize Down Time  keep employees at the office to maximize your company’s productivity
  • No Subcontracting – immunizations are administered by Patients First Urgent Care team members, all of whom are board certified MA’s
  • Vaccine Management – we follow CDC guidelines for dosage, administration, and storage
  • Medical Waste Removal – we follow OSHA guidelines for hazardous waste disposal
  • Marketing Assistance – including posters, emails, and other promotional tools to increase clinic participation and awareness


Urgent Care is never a substitute for Emergency Care.  In the event of a very serious or life-threatening illness or injury, call 911 or visit the nearest ER.